Trikes for any Terrain

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KMX Venom

Then you need to take a closer look at the Venom. Venom is our lightest and fastest trike. We built the Venom for those looking to race down trails and mountains. It has superior handling and climbing hills is a breeze. Going downhill is extremely smooth in the Venom, but even more than that you will notice how comfortable you are. The Venom is comfortable whether going uphill, downhill, road racing, or off-roading.

The Venom is KMX's top-of-the-line Aluminum Road Riding Performanc...

KMX Viper Recumbent Trike

This is the perfect trike for you to take around town, get to the office, to school, and down the trail in the evenings. This trike is built for the commuter. Anyone who is looking for a afordable alternative for their daily commute, this is your trike.

The Viper is the perfect trike for day commuting at an unbeatable price. This trike is incredibly versatile, but is designed with 24-speed gearing that makes climbing hills easy and keeps your top speed high. The high-pressure tires keep ...

KMX Typhoon Recumbent Trike

Get fit and work those stomach muscles on this comfortable, low-maintenance, easy-to-handle KMX with stylish spoked wheels, adjustable seat and handle bars. The Typhoon packs a hefty punch of wind-in-your-hair riding action so you can exercise in style and comfort.

Especially suited for riders who want to have a fun way to workout and get around town. By its name, you can guess what a whirlwind this trike can create with its low center of gravity and its tight turning radius. The Ty...

KMX Tornado F8 Recumbent Trike

The Tornado is the perfect entry level trike for teens and young adults. It's frame design is as sturdy as a rock so no matter where you end up, it won't be any problem for the Tornado.

Like all KMX models itís easy to build and is designed with the potential for tons of upgrades. The Tornado is durable! With a solid steal frame, 8 gears, and an adjustable reclining bucket seat, the Tornado is a great value. KMX trikes all have a sporty feel, designed for multiple riders. Want to fl...

KMX Kompact R Trike for Small Riders

Great for smaller people and kids of all abilities due to low center of gravity and high stability. The Kompact has 11.5cm of Sliding Front Boom for easy rider height adjustment.

KMX K-3 Kids Trike

Just for kids. This super-adjustable 2-speed recumbent trike is made for the smaller folks. It will fit most children 4-12 years old. Shipped as a kit, it is super easy to assemble.