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Trike Details

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The KMX Cobra

This trike is for getting off the beaten pavement. Counterpart to the KMX Viper, the Cobra is a 24 speed with large more robust wheels. This trike has greater ground clearance, making it all terrain and all fun. It features smaller gearing to help with climbing more aggressive hills but still maintains speed on the road. Like all KMX models the Cobra is easy to build and can be upgraded with ease.

The New 2015 Model Features:


KMX Cobra Assembly Video

This is an assembly video for the KMX Cobra. Learn how to quickly turn your Cobra Kit into a trail blazing machine.

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Ajo Bikes
1301 East Ajo Way #117
Tucson, Arizona 85713

Funwest Sports
896 Pinecliff Drive NE
Calgary, Alberta T1Y3Y2

Utah Trikes
12 S Main St
Payson, Utah 84651